The James Street Parlour

Fine tattooing by hand and electricity

I was privileged to take part in Syracuse Fashion Week 2019 the April 13th at The Landmark Theater in Syracuse New York.

The theme this year was The Cocktail Party at the End of the World, Micheal Benny, a local news anchor, read the introduction - “"Don't Panic - It's the End of The World and whatever the Apocalypse is, be it Atomic, Chemical, Viral or even Zombie there's always time for one last cocktail party.

Paul Roe of The James Street Parlour brings you a dark yet playful take on preppers and couture. Meals Ready to Eat, Razor Wire and of course lots of firepower... "

 Photos by Gene Ragonese

A huge thank you to all my models, it couldn’t have happened without you …

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