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Fine tattooing by hand and electricity


Many years ago I was asked by The National Museum of Health and Medicine in Washington DC to help identify a tattooed torso in their collection. After extensive research the unfinished masterpiece was identified as the work of Horiuno I circa 1870-1890.


The image is Kintaro "The Golden Boy" battling a giant serpent.

As I studied the torso I made accurate  scale drawings to record the individual elements of the design.


Using leather dyes I recreated the tattoo, because let's face it they would have never allowed me to make a jacket out of it, and this was the next best thing.


Kintaro and the Serpent  Horiuno I 1870-1890


The technique replicates tattooed skin as the leather dye is not just on the surface but internal to the the leather and will never crack, flake, or peel, it's waterproof and never needs ironing never needs ironing ... I ended up making a lot.

This year I'll have something different on show at Syracuse Fashion Week using that same tattooing technique but utilizing many other diverse tattoo styles.


Custom pieces are available - please email  with your ideas and some photos of the jacket/guitar case/sofa/rifle sling you have. Preferred leather colors to work with are those close to skin tones as I cant dye black leather red and the black on tan/brown/red/nude defines the image much in the same way black ink is used in tattooing - contrast. 
Pricing by the piece.

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